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International Assistive Products Exposition Boosts the Construction of Healthy China 2030
Date:2016/11/2 9:31:57  Page Views:1141  Article From:本站原创

On September 23th to 25th, jointly organized by China Association of Assistive Products and China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges, coordinated by the National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids, Guangdong Provincial General Services in Developing & Supplying Rids for the Disabled, and the Medical Assistance Working Committee of China Volunteers Association, 2016 China (Shanghai) International Assistive Products Exposition was successfully held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. This exposition is an international distinguished event about assistive products under the background of developing the health services and pension industry with great efforts and promoting the construction of Healthy China 2030.      


As an industrial event, the exposition included products display, techniques and academic exchanges, trade negotiations and investments. With 11000 square meters exhibition area, many well-known international exhibitors coming from Germany, the United States, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Iceland, Korea, Arab, etc., visitors and professionals both domestic and overseas participated in this exposition.     


China Assistive Products Industry Conference, the Exchange on International Advanced Technology of Assistive Products Industry, the Development and Innovation on International Foot Orthotics Technology, the Conference on the Establishment of Education Association & Academic Exchanges, and other high level academic conferences and forums were hold in the same period with the exposition.

The annual China International Assistive Products Exposition, which owns the 30 years history, showcases the fruits of the development of assistive products industry in China and enables Chinese companies and associations to acquire the knowledge of the development of global assistive products industry. The exposition not only offers a platform for exchanging the latest information of products and technology between professionals but also opens up an important channel to obtain the knowledge of rehabilitation and assistive products for the public. The exposition is of great significance to further disseminate rehabilitation knowledge, create social atmosphere of concerning the overall health, and promote the comprehensive development of assistive products industry.     


The leaders and experts of the Department of Social Welfare and Philanthropy and the Department of Personnel at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Department of Industrial Injury Insurance at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, China Research Center on Aging, China Assistive Devices and Technology Centre for Persons with Disabilities, Pedorthic Footcare Association, Hong Kong, China Society of International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics, assistive products fitting units, pension agencies, and children welfare agencies participated in the exposition.       

This exposition lasted for three days.



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